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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

In a nutshell...

I have my first hustings on Thursday. So I have been thinking about how to explain who I am, why I want to be the Labour candidate and why I think I am the best person for the task. So in a POLICE nut shell:

Passionate: very committed to policing and serving the community through this position – planning to spend most of the next six months actively campaigning

Occupation: been working with police on strategy & leadership since 1988 – with Thames Valley, other forces and wider national justice agencies. Issues: knife crime, collaboration & governance etc.

Labour: campaigning for Labour since 1974 as activist, party official & trade unionist, currently one of eight Labour councillors in Buckingham & CLP agent.

Insight: studied, lived and worked in Reading, Oxford & Buckingham – no satnav for Thames Valley needed. Looking forward to listening to people from across Bucks, Oxon & Berks

Campaigning: committed to win through good organisation, reaching out to diverse communities and focusing on concerns about policing cuts and privatisation

Egg: works directly with Chief Police Officers (with ‘scrambled egg’ braid on their collars) – knows what questions to ask to make them wriggle but not squirm


  1. Anonymous27/5/12 07:49

    good luck Jon,
    sorry can't be at your hustings but working most days to 2200

  2. Many thanks for your support