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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Manifesto ideas to be discussed & developed…

  • Yes to innovation, efficiency and value for money, no to rampant, ideological and ‘chummy’ privatisation 
  • Yes to high visibility and resilient local policing, no to any unfair distribution of scarce police & community safety resources 
  • Yes to policing that works (evidence based), no to policing that does not
  • Yes to human rights, no to any attempts to water down our historic and proud commitment to freedom & fairness 
  • Yes to real and respectful community engagement, no to consultations that just go through the motions 
  • Yes to policing that focuses on tackling harm and hate, no to policing that overlooks people who already feel ignored 
  • Yes to prevention, no to endless quick fix responses
  • Yes to restorative justice that reduces offending, no to retributional justice that increases it 
  • Yes to proper funding, no to draconian cuts 
  • Yes to fair working conditions and pay for police officers and staff, no to imposing new working arrangements in a way that would make a Victorian mill owner blush 
  • Yes to carefully blended neighbourhood policing teams with a suitable range of skills and powers, no to beat policing on the cheap as stage one in outsourcing local patrol
  • Yes to imaginative and slim procurement that (for example) develops local apprenticeship schemes and boosts our economy, no to bureaucratic and inefficient procurement that reduces value for money for local tax payers
  • Yes to making sure that victims are supported with dignity and respect, no to cuts in services available to help victims of crime rebuild their lives
  • Yes to tackling anti social behaviour robustly (especially where vulnerable people are being victimised), no to action that criminalises people who are not criminals
  • Yes to local partnerships making a difference through empowering communities to improve community safety, no to dry and dusty talking shops that fail to represent the diversity of society
  • Yes to tackling disproportionate stop & search tactics, no to all forms of racism (and other 'ism's) getting in the way of effective community engagement

These are just my early ideas and I am very keen to hear from party members and supporters what you want to say Yes and no to... please post your ideas below.

Thank you.

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